Dental fillings replace part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay or through accidental damage.

White Fillings

dental fillingsCanberra Dental Care uses tooth coloured composite resin fillings in anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth. Composite resin does have aesthetic and functional advantages over traditional amalgam fillings. They bond to the teeth for a better seal and teeth are less likely to fracture with non metal fillings.

Unlike silver (amalgam) fillings, white filling material sticks to teeth and can form edges, so it may be effectively used to repair front teeth that are chipped, broken, decayed or worn. It can also be used to cover marks or discolouration that cleaning won’t remove. White fillings come in a range of shades so they can be matched to the colour of your own teeth.

White Fillings are not only limited to new dental repairs, older restorations may also be replaced. These aesthetic materials will help give your smile a new lease on life.

Amalgam Fillings

In a small number of cases we can still use amalgam fillings for molar and premolar fillings. This is usually the case where there is too much moisture or the amalgam best suits the restoration.

After the filling

Following treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive to things like pressure, cold air, sweet foods or changes in temperature for a few days. If this persists beyond a few days, return to your dentist so the cause can be investigated.

When good fillings go bad

Constant wear and tear can cause fillings to wear, chip or crack. This can open the seal between the tooth and the filling, allowing food particles and decay-causing bacteria. By having regular check ups with your dentist/hygienist, any damage to the filing should be caught early.
Sometimes things happen even if you are having regular check ups. If you are worried about anything, don’t wait. Come and see Dr Jowitt or Dr Muir and put your mind at ease.