Invisalign GO instructions

Compliance is key. Wear for a minimum of 20 hours but ideally 22 hours daily. This is the most critical factor for the success of your treatment. Use chewies for at least 5 minutes twice daily.

Change aligners as per date on packaging. All aligners are marked with their number and to indicate whether upper or lower. 

When starting a new aligner, initiate wear at night before bed, use chewies before going to sleep. 

Take aligners out to eat, drink and clean your teeth. It is ok to drink cold water with the aligners in. Disengage aligners from the inside edge at the back of your mouth to remove.

Clean the aligners when brushing your teeth. We will provide a tooth brush for your aligners. Clean with liquid soap and lukewarm water, rinse before re inserting. Maintaining good oral hygiene of your teeth and aligners is essential as there can be an increased risk of tooth decay or gum problems during treatment.  

Expect some tenderness with new aligners which will usually ease within a couple of days. Any speech disturbance or increased salivation usually resolves within a week or two or starting Invisalign. 

If there is a rough edge on an aligner irritating your gum, either contact us to smooth the area or gently buff down with a nail file at home.

Keep all past aligners throughout your treatment incase required. If an aligner is lost or damaged, start wearing the previous aligner and contact us immediately. 

If an aligner isn’t fitting well and obvious spaces are visible between aligners and teeth please contact us. Sometimes adjustments are required or new impressions of your teeth can be taken to obtain further aligners from Invisalign.

The tooth attachments or an existing dental restoration such as filling or crown could loosen or pop off.  If this happens, contact us to come in to have it replaced. 

Always store aligners in their case. If out for a meal, aligners wrapped in a napkin can easily be accidentally disposed of accidentally by waiting staff. 

Take care to keep away from pets who might enjoy as a chew toy!