Want straighter teeth, fast?

Invisalign® Go is an innovative system available from Invisalign® and all three of our dentists (Dr Jowitt, Dr Muir and Dr Ollis) offer this treatment to patients.
Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. Invisalign® Go uses the same removable and almost invisible clear aligners as conventional Invisalign® to straighten your teeth. It involves a system to apply gentle pressure and move your teeth into alignment. Because of the technologically advanced Invisalign® software and 3D printing system all the aligners are precisely designed as a custom fit for you.

Why choose Invisalign® Go?

Invisalign® Go is quick with some patients achieving results in as little as 3-6 months.
The system is designed for aesthetic straightening of the front ten teeth only. Therefore it is much cheaper than conventional Invisalign® or braces which also look to correct bite issues with the back teeth.
Invisalign® aligners are removable unlike conventional braces, making it easy to brush, floss, eat and drink throughout treatment. Because the are removable, you can take them out for special occasions.
Visible results from as early as the first month of treatment.
Lifestyle friendly, the aligners are virtually invisible and a snug fit meaning very few people will even notice them. Comfortable to wear for an active lifestyle with no wires or brackets that can cut your mouth.

Invisalign® Go is perfect for aesthetic changes and straightening crowded front teeth or closing gaps. It also works well for treating relapse in people who have had previous orthodontic treatment but no longer have retainers and the teeth have now shifted. For those who have more complex orthodontic issues we will recommend referring you to an orthodontic specialist.

What is the first step?

An initial FREE consultation where we will take photos and can assess if Invisalign® Go is an appropriate treatment for you.
Should you wish to proceed, we recommend taking a full jaw/ OPG x-ray of your mouth to ensure there are no other underlying dental issues present. Impression are taken of your teeth.  These are sent to Invisalign®, who use their unique ClinCheck software to provide a 3D virtual plan of your teeth moving into position and a visual of the final result which can be achieved.
When we receive the ClinCheck plan you return for another appointment. At this next appointment we review the virtual 3D plan and to ensure we are both happy. We can then go ahead and ask the Invisalign® lab to construct the aligners.

What Invisalign® Go treatment involves

Series of clear aligners which you will change at home every 1-2 weeks.
We will arrange a dental visit every 6-8 weeks to review your progress and issue new aligners.
Wear for 20-22 hours daily.
Take out to eat, brush and floss your teeth.
Long term wear of retainers to hold your teeth in their new position.

What is the treatment cost at Canberra Dental Care?

Initial FREE consultation.
$135 for an OPG x-ray and $110 for impressions to be taken and sent to Invisalign®.
Cost of the Invisalign® aligners, including all appointments and final retainers starts at $5560 for both arches(upper and lower).

The prices quoted are before any health fund contributions. We can discuss a payment plan for you individually, which can include options for instalment payments throughout the treatment.

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