Dental Health Week 6-9 August 2018

Dental Health Week 6-9 August 2018

This week Canberra Dental Care is focusing on some key areas of dental health.

Monday is flossing day. Flossing is just as important as brushing and yet many people don’t do it. Flossing gets to those parts of your teeth your toothbrush misses. Don’t believe us….. try this simple test to see the benefits of flossing.

Brush your teeth… feels OK? Now floss your teeth. Is there anything on the floss? Does it smell? All those bits on the dental floss was missed by your toothbrush. Those bits can cause damage to your teeth which a bit of flossing each day can either eliminate or at least reduce. If you leave those bits in between your teeth it can cause bad breath which no one wants!

What about children? Our dentists recommend that as soon as your child has teeth that are touching, they should be flossing. As with all dental hygiene children should be assisted with their brushing until the age of 8. While our dentists and hygienists love it when children are interested in their oral health, we believe that young children should be supervised and assisted with their brushing/flossing until they are older.

For more tips about flossing chat to your dentist or hygienist next time you have your check up.

In the meantime read this useful post put out by the ADA.

Take a moment this Dental Health Week 6-9 August 2018 to implement some simple changes into your routine. By adding dental floss to your oral health routine you might just be saving your teeth!