One visit crowns

One visit crowns

Dental crowns protect weak teeth from fracturing, and restore badly fractured or heavily filled teeth. With the One Visit Crown, you can walk out of our clinic on the same day, with crowns that look like your own teeth.

Saves time

A crown normally takes weeks to make – from initial consultation to fitting. With the One Visit Crown, it’s all done in a single visit.


This new technology makes your treatment affordable. As One Visit Crowns are more efficient, the time and money saved enables us to pass the savings on to you.

Natural look and feel

The One Visit Crown looks like your natural teeth, so you can’t tell the difference.

Less drilling

The One Visit Crown is a conservative option, designed to preserve your remaining tooth structure. This means less drilling than conventional crowns.

Is it for me?

Like all health procedures there isn’t a one treatment fits all. For some patients this option will not be appropriate for your situation. Your dentist will be able to talk to you about the options available and most importantly, explain why they are recommending the treatment they are. We pride ourselves on giving you the information to make an informed decision. The best dental treatment is the one you understand and participate in the decision making process.

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