National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week

“You are what you eat” may be one of those tired old clichés that get trotted out at the drop of a hat. However the fact is the food we consume plays a major role in tooth decay.

The sugars we consume are taken up by bacteria, producing acids that attack the outer layer of tooth enamel. This is why we need to drink more water, less sugary drinks and stick to healthy foods such as vegetables. This is why vegetables are the focus of this year’s National Nutrition Week.

Continuing the highly-successful Try For 5 campaign, which encourages Australians to increase their vegetable consumption to the recommended five serves per day, National Nutrition Week is trying to get everyone to up their consumption of broccoli, leeks and cauliflower.

Currently only 4% of Australians consume their daily requirements of vegetables. This figure will increase as campaigns like this one have the desired effect.

Eating more vegetables, drinking more tap water, and limiting sugary snacks at meal time rather than between meals are three of the major things people can do to increase their oral and general health. (text thanks to the ADA)

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