sport = mouth guards

sport = mouth guards

If you are planning on playing a contact sport during the school year, chances are you’ll need a mouth guard.

Mouth guards are an easy way to protect your teeth while playing the sport that you love. You only get one set of adult teeth so it makes sense to look after them.

A custom fit mouth guard is the best way to ensure that protection. Over the counter mouth guards might look like a cheaper option but there are some downsides. The fit is generic, but your mouth isn’t. This means that the mouth guard is not offering the best protection for your teeth. While it is no sitting in your mouth properly it is creating a potential choke hazard.

For more information about the mouth guards we create you can read here.

If that hasn’t convinced you that a mouth guard is a good idea, have a look at your favour sports star – if they play a contact sport, they’ll be wearing a mouth guard.

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