Teens and their teeth

Teens and their teeth

As children get older they naturally become more independent. This is great but are they always making the best choices, particularly about their health.

Oral health is so much more that just your teeth. Your teeth do not exist in a vacuum, this means that like the song says, the toe bone really is connected to the head bone.

Brushing and flossing

This is a job for life. While teenagers are firmly in charge of their own brushing and flossing it is important to remind them to do it. Regular check ups are just as important now too.


Most people who get braces get them when they are a teenager. Getting braces is a personal choice and is not always based on getting the perfect Hollywood smile.
There are a number of benefits to getting braces beyond the aesthetics. it is easier to keep straight teeth and gums clean. By having straighter teeth there is less wear and tear on your teeth from grinding and clenching. There is less chance of damaging your gums and there is less stress on the jaw from a poor biting pattern.
Braces aren’t guaranteed to fix all your dental problems but it can make a difference.

At Canberra Dental Care we will assess your mouth. If we think braces may help, or you are interested in finding out more, we will refer you to an orthodontist.  An orthodontist is a specialist in straightening teeth. This is in the same way that your GP would refer you to a specialist cardiologist. We will still provide you with dental care during your treatment while your orthodontist provides the specialist care of straightening your teeth.


Lots of teenagers will try smoking. Hopefully they decide it isn’t for them. Smoking is doing damage to your lungs but it is also damaging your mouth. Oral cancer is sometimes hard to detect but can be treatable. Especially if picked up early. Regular check ups will make sure you stay on top of this.


Again this is something many teenagers will try and hopefully not repeat. The use of illicit drugs can bring with it physically and behavioural problems such as tooth grinding, gum disease and tooth decay. Often the use of drugs is accompanied by poor diet. Foods such as ones high in sugar have a corrosive effect. These are all made worse when there is a neglect of personal and oral hygiene.

Oral Piercings

This is often a way for a teenager to express themselves. But it is important to assess the pros and cons before getting them done. Extra care is required to look after your teeth if you decide this is for you.

Child Dental Benefit Scheme

This is available for eligible children up to the age of 17. We provide services under the CDBS. There are a few conditions to the benefit, such as the timing between appointments. So it is important to let our reception staff know when you book that you are eligible.


As with all dental issues, be it from a baby tooth to dentures, we are here to help. Appointments are now available on line so you can book in when it is convenient to you.