Oral waste recycling

Oral waste recycling

At Canberra Dental Care we are conscious of the amount of waste we create. Because we are in the health care sector we maintain the highest standards of hygiene. This means our ability to reuse is quite limited. We are able to sterilise a lot of our instruments but many items are not able to be cleaned and therefore are binned.

This means we get very excited when there is an opportunity for us to recycle products.

Since 2017 we have been part of the TerraCycle recycling program for oral waste.

You can drop your oral waste to us and we will send it to TerraCycle. They turn it into useful items such as benches and play equipment rather than landfill.

Items that can recycled are:

Toothpaste tubes + the cardboard box
Tooth brushes + the packaging
Floss containers + the packaging

and now……electric toothbrush heads.

You don’t need to make an appointment to use the recycling facilities. Or why not combine the two and bring in your oral waste when you come for you next appointment!

We are able to take on line bookings!