Road closures 14 and 15 January

Road closures 14 and 15 January

This Thursday 14 and Friday 15 January parts of the CBD will be closed to traffic. Canberra is staring in part of the upcoming movie Blacklight.

Access to Canberra Dental Care will be affected. Please allow extra time before your appointment as there will be delays accessing the filming area. Please see the attached map for further details. We have been assured by the filming company that there will be uninterrupted access to Canberra Dental Care. However, there it will not necessarily be the most direct route. And there may be delays access the filming area.


There is no parking on the street at all during the 2 days of filming. Car access to drop off in limited. Entry to Allara street is ONLY from Akuna street (close to the shopping centre). Cars will be held in a holding bay prior to access the area.


Pedestrian access is still available but also from the Allara street entrance.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Hopefully by being aware of the delays we are able to minimize disruption to your appointment.

For more information about the Road closures 14 and 15 January please see the ACT Government website.

Please contact us if you have any issues. Once the filming starts we will have a better idea of how it is impacting us.