Farewell to Dental Assistant Steve

Farewell to Dental Assistant Steve

This week we farewell our dental assistant Steve.

He joined us two years ago to temporarily help out but ended up staying. He fitted in so well into the Canberra Dental Care team. We will miss him but wish him well in his new job.

Pictured here is our dental assistant Erika, practice manager Jenny, Steve, hygienists Mohita and Vivian.

Why do I still need to wear a mask to the dentist?

Masks are still required in high risk areas such as hospitals and other health care places. They are also still required in schools, aged care facilities and when providing a service to a person with a disability. We have patients that fall into all three of those vulnerable categories. While we need you to take your mask off for us to perform our treatment, we believe it is important to keep that layer of protection at other times. Our staff, including our reception staff, will still be wearing masks.

Is there anything you should do differently?

We still need patients to practice common sense when attending for their appointments. Please ensure that you are in good health before attending your appointment. We remind you that if you have any of symptoms such as a fever, sore throat, breathlessness, cough or fatigue please contact us to reschedule your appointment. This also includes if you have been in contact with a suspected case of COVID-19.

Your dentist/hygienist will advise you when you can remove your mask.

Sanitiser is available and required when you enter the practice. When you enter the surgery we have additional procedures in place such as mouthwash and further hand sanitiser.

CBR check in

You are no longer required to check in to our CBR location. However, we respect that some people may still wish to do so. Our code will still be displayed for those that continue to track their movements.

Appointments are available with all our clinical team by booking on line or phoning our reception staff.

Farewell to Dental Assistant Steve