Inter-dental cleaning
Inter-dental cleaning

Firstly, what is that???

This the cleaning between your teeth. Here at Canberra Dental Care we are really enthusiastic about inter-dental cleaning!

Why is it so important?

Well, even careful toothbrushing doesn’t get into the gaps between your teeth. This means all the food, plaque and debris that builds up in your mouth over time sits there in the spaces until you do something about it.

Cleaning you teeth means cleaning 100% of your teeth, not just the bits you can see. The danger of not cleaning between your teeth, is the food can sit on your teeth for longer. Causing more damage that it would on the parts you can see.

How does inter-dental cleaning help?

Removing the nasty stuff from between your teeth will hugely reduce your risk of gum disease and decay. In addition, you’ll have fresher breath and a healthier smile!

You can use floss or inter-dental brushes, it doesn’t matter too much as long as you’re doing something. Your hygienist or dentist can advise on the best cleaning aids to suit your needs so just ask for their advice.

We can help!

We have a vast range of inter-dental cleaning products available for sale.


Make an appointment today with our dental hygienists to talk about the benefits of inter-dental cleaning. They can show you the best technique and product for you.

Appointments are available via our on line boking form or by phoning reception during business hours.