Vaping and your teeth

Vaping and your teeth

A study from the Journal of the American Dental Association has used patient records of 13,098 people who attended dental school clinics over a three-year period to demonstrate a link between vaping and an increased risk of caries and periodontal disease.

The finding recommended that use of e-cigarettes or vapes should be included in standard dental-medical history questionnaires. The study also stated that the use of vaping should be considered “among the risk factors that increase a patient’s caries risk level.”

Quoted in an ABC News report on the study, study lead Karina Irusa from Tufts University “says it’s not possible to say that vaping definitely causes tooth cavities, but there’s a likely association between the two.”

“‘We stumbled upon this [potential link] by accident, and then the more we learned about it, the more we thought, ‘OK, this could be a bad thing.'”

The study provides additional key data on the link between vaping/use of e-cigarettes and an elevated risk of developing caries and periodontal disease .

The study noted that “Patients who engage in e-cigarette or vape use may benefit from a more rigorous caries management protocol.”

Vaping may also affect how much saliva we make, which can, in turn, contribute to cavities, Dr Irusa said. “Saliva dilutes whatever’s in your mouth, whether it’s acid or sugar, and saliva pH also helps to keep everything neutral. But if you don’t have enough saliva, then you have acid [on your teeth] for longer periods of time. And that’s not good.”

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