Dealing with anxiety

Dealing with Anxiety

Did you know that dental anxiety is common? In fact, we see patients every week who are nervous about visiting us. And, while we always do everything, we can to make our patients feel relaxed, we thought that it would be a good idea share a few helpful tips to help ease your mind before your next visit to the dentist.

1.     Speak with your dental team

One of the best ways to tackle any form of anxiety is to speak to your dental team. They will be able to help answer any questions you may have or tackle any concerns. Whether you are worried about experiencing pain during your treatment or want to know more about your treatment, your dental team will be happy to talk you through everything to help ease your nerves.

2.     Sedation

For those who are extremely nervous then it might be worth exploring sedation as this can help to ease your nerves. We use nitrous oxide. This does need to be booked at the time of the appointment so we can guarantee it is available for you.

3.     Bring a friend/family member

Having someone with you that you love, and trust can work wonders when it comes to dealing with dental anxiety. Just by being with you they can put you at ease and reassure you while you are waiting and during your treatment. Having a friendly face with you will help you stay calm and relaxed and give you confidence you need during your treatment. We are happy to think outside the box. We recently had a patient use facetime to bring a friend to the appointment.

4.     Practice meditation

Meditation is a fantastic way to help you wipe away stress, relieve anxiety, and restore your level of calm. It can be practiced wherever you are, even in the waiting room at your dentist. There are many different types of meditation, so it is best to try a few different types to find what works for you. All types of meditation are aimed at helping you achieve inner peace.

5.     Listen to music/podcast/TV

It’s amazing how much of a soothing and calming effect audio can have on us. So, next time you visit why not bring your headphones to listen to your favourite songs, a relaxing playlist or even your favourite podcast. You can wear your headphones during any treatment which will help to take your mind off things and help you stay relaxed. We have TVs in the ceiling and are happy to change the channel to your favourite.

6. Make the appointment

For some people the hardest part is booking the appointment. We have online booking which means you can book at a time that works for you. Alternatively you can phone during business hours and speak to our friendly staff. Whichever way you book, please make sure to tell us you are anxious.
We do not judge, we are actually proud of you for taking the first step to oral health!