Dental Health Week 2023

Dental Health Week 2023

Dental Health Week is a great opportunity to think about your teeth.

We all know that our hip bone is connected to our thigh bone….but did you know that your oral health is connected to your general health?

Your mouth is a mirror into your general health. Often issues you would see your GP for are linked to your oral health.

This Dental Health Week 2023 we encourage you to check in with your oral health. Our hygienists are here to give you a good start. They can provide guidance about brushing and flossing techniques. Your dentist will pop in a check that there isn’t anything else going on. Your teeth can tell your dentist lots of things. We previously posted about them!

We do need you to be honest about your health and lifestyle. Our dentists are here to help you improve your oral health. So while they may ask you difficult questions, it is so they can provide the best treatment possible.

They are also bound by confidentiality. So everything you tell them is in the vault!

Our dentists and hygienists are available for appointments. Appointments are available via our on line booking site. Or by phoning our reception team during business hours.

Dental Health Week 2023