ANZAC Day 2024

ANZAC Day 2024

Canberra Dental Care is  closed on Thursday 25 April for the ANZAC Day public holiday. We are also closed on Friday 26 April.

Each year we pause to give thanks to those that have given so much for our freedom.

We believe it is important to look after those that have given so much. While it does not match the service that they have given, we are proud to participate in the veterans affairs dental scheme.

I have an appointment on Monday 29 April?

We have already sent the confirmation texts for these appointments. If you can’t attend your appointment please respond with details in the text or email us. Both these will be checked over the long weekend. Please don’t leave a message on our phone service as this is not monitored at all.

Have a problem over the break?

Our on line booking system is open 24/7.  If you would like to make an appointment ready for when we reopen you don’t have to wait until Monday. Alternatively, you can contact us in the usual way on Monday.

If you have a dental emergency please phone on Monday morning to secure an emergency appointment. These are only available by phoning on the day.

ANZAC Day 2024