Making dental care exciting for Children

Making dental care exciting for Children

How can you encourage your children to have better a dental hygiene routine? From a young age you should be stressing the importance of good dental health to your children. We know that it can be difficult for those with a busy family lifestyle to make sure everyone is brushing their teeth for 2 minutes at least twice a day. But, don’t worry!

As a family run practice, we love to provide simple dental tips that some patients may find useful. We provide dental advice and information when we can!

3 Dental Care Tips for Children from Canberra Dental Care

Make Brushing Fun

Think about what your child really loves and incorporate this when its time to clean their teeth. Here at Canberra Dental Care we have Bluey toothbrushes for sale! If Bluey doesn’t excite you, we have other character brushes.
If they like a particular song, play that song and encourage them to keep brushing for as long as it plays. Also, use their favourite fictional character in a story and make a big deal of how this character was really good at cleaning teeth and how much they loved to do it. Your children will then hopefully want to mimic the behaviour of the character.


Develop your child’s great dental health habits from a young age!

Another way to encourage your children to keep a good dental hygiene routine is to reward them! Create a rewards chart or poster with them, and explain that if they keep up good brushing for a certain amount of time, then they will be rewarded. Make the whole thing exciting! Even if you only have to implement this chart for the first couple of months before get into a good routine, it is very effective.

Make it a Family Event
Our final piece of advice when it comes to giving the best dental care tips for children is to make brushing and flossing something everyone in the family does together! When a younger child sees a parent or older brother/sister brushing their teeth properly, they will be more likely to also want to.

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