Farewell to Jenny

Farewell to Jenny

This week we farewell our practice manager Jenny.

Jenny has been with us since the beginning. In 2007 we started City Walk Dental Care in a small surgery above King O’Malley. In 2010 we expanded and relocated Allara St. This was when Canberra Dental Care was born.

Jenny has been part of that whole journey.

But…the time has come for her to retire. We thank her for her 15 years with us. We wish her well in her well deserved retirement.

We look forward to announcing our new front office arrangements soon.

Appointments available on line or by phoning during business hours.

Masks reminder

Even though the rules around masks have relaxed. At Canberra Dental Care we still require staff and patients to wear masks.
Masks are still required in high risk areas such as hospitals and other health care places. They are also still required in schools, aged care facilities and when providing a service to a person with a disability. We have patients that fall into all three of those vulnerable categories. While we need you to take your mask off for us to perform our treatment, we believe it is important to keep that layer of protection at other times. Our staff, including our reception staff, will still be wearing masks.